09 Jun 2015

Building an RSS feed for your Django content

Usually, when starting a new blog, you want other users to read it so you can receive feedback, provide them with new tutorials, etc. One way of reaching new users is using social networks like Twitter, Facebook, G+ and so. But as tech guys, we usually also tend to follow some RSS feeds with RSS agregators. This post explains how to create RSS f...

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20 May 2015

What are python decorators


If you've been programming with Python for a while, I'm sure you've seen syntax like:

def my_function():

The login_required is called a decorator and basically, is a wrapper. It allows you to execute code before and after your function. It is very useful for following the DRY principle. I...

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20 Mar 2015

Background jobs with Django and Celery

Celery is a distributed task queue that allows us to execute jobs in background. In Django projects, it is commonly used to perform long term running jobs in separate workers so they don't disturb the normal request/response process. In this post, I will explain how to set up Celery with Django to perform a background task (the trigger will be a...

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09 Mar 2015

Server management with puppet and foreman

I've been using cfengine to automatically install, update and configure my machines during the last year. It is very functional and provides lots of functionalities but, it is a pain in the pass every time I have to look for a new thing so, I decided to give puppet a try.

Basically, the functionalities that this post will describe are:

  • Install ...

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